Retro Styles

Not quite sure what eCard to send? Greeting cards in the Retro and Vintage Style section contain many strange, amusing and simply offbeat greeting cards that appeal to someone who is looking to say hi, say Wow!, or just to say Whatever. The styles we have in this section have come from a number of sources but most of the photos and illustrations are from the 1940's, 50's, 60's and the 70's. Be sure to check out other sections of the site to see other designs. Also, to see what is new you can visit the HipsterCards Blog at where we post all new cards before they go live on the site. Enjoy!

Ecards for occasions. What Occasions?
How about a flirty eCard, sexy eCard, smart eCard, unusual eCard, romantic digital greeting card, hip eCard, trendy eCard, funky eCard, or pick some clever eCards for any occasion. Occasional Occasions, like today, like now.

Ecards for Holidays. What Holidays?
Hipster Cards has beautifully designed Valentine's Day eCard greetings and Mother's Day eCards, Secretary's Day eCards, Christmas eCards, New Year's eCards, St. Patrick's Day eCards, Father's Day eCards or make up a holiday here at Hipster Cards.